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At  the beginning, there were the Amar and the Amarissi which mean gods and goddesses. They played music and sang songs by the order of Alyr for he was the mightiest. Ishtar and Harvanaye were the second in terms of might, and they lead the singing. They sang and danced and enjoyed their existence, but soon some of them grew tired of the merriness and began to spread dark and foul thoughts amongst the divines. And so the gods and goddesses listened. Some of them were terrified, but some agreed with those who spread the darkness, and when Alyr heard of this, he felt a great anger swell within him for he did not wish for the Vanya Ilfirin, the song of eternity, to end. But Alyr was merciful, and so he let the agitators to stay, hoping that they would regain their senses. Alas, even the mightiest was not safe from himself.

When the Mhaimeo Ashadon, the Heavenly Host, lead by Ishtar and Harvanaye, attacked the agitators of evil, Alyr lost his mind. He began to sing the Forbidden Song that would create a world. He rose mountains and created seas, levelled plains and struck down with his hands to form valleys. Seven days he created, until the battle was over and the fallen ones banished from the heavens. Only then did Istar come to him, and asked why he was singing the Forbidden Song. But Alyr did not answer. He merely shook his head, which caused Ishtar to become offended. She called Harvanaye to her and together they slew the Mightiest One and looked at his creation. They tried to destroy it, but could not for Alyr’s spirit was hiding within the ground.

As they gazed upon the world, Ishtar and Harvanaye realised what they had done, and felt great grief and regret. They gave the world a name; Alyr. the two Divine beings decided the continue the work of their great leader. When they told about their deed and decision to the other divines, some of them grew enraged and left. They were the Minalithri and they never returned. Those who stayed decided to help Ishtar and Harvanaye help finish the world. They were the Elai’ca Alyr, that is the Light of Life. When they had finished their work, the divines rested. This was known as the Age of Sleeping Gods, Almar Sowa Amari e Amarissi.
Aronsithielna (wip)
Hallo all! :D

This is a lil' story I'm working on, mainly because I have to write an essay in English.  :P

Still a wip, mind you!
Lanthiel Sunshadow (WIP) by vilkeri99
Lanthiel Sunshadow (WIP)
My first proper attempt at digital coloring. Not bad eh? :P

                                                                     The Chronicles of Alyr 1.


    A hooded figure rode on the fields towards a city. A city that was built on top of and around a hill. A thick stone wall surrounded it. Behind the wall were high towers and large domes. But the most interesting feature was a huge cliff in the middle of the city.  One of its slopes was so gentle that a road was built upon it. At the end of that road was a great Citadel with white walls that shone in the sunlight beautifully. And in the middle of the Citadel rose a white tower, tall and proud and beautiful.
                             But the hooded rider didn’t care about that for it wasn’t the first time she was there. She rode through the city gates and towards the Citadel with haste. She didn’t pay attention to anything else. Finally she arrived to the walls of the citadel. She dismounted and ran towards the tower.
                             King Shinehelm sat upon his throne when the doors of the royal quarter blew open and a hooded figure walked straight in. ‘’I’ve been expecting you’’, the King said with knowing eyes.


Chapter 1

    ‘’Prince Knighthelm, Prince Knighthelm!’’ a voice shouted. ‘’What now?’’ the Prince asked back angrily. ‘’Your father summoned you’’. ‘’I’m coming, I’m coming’’, the Prince said and started putting his clothes on. It did not take long for him to be down in the throne room. ‘’You summoned me, my father’’ he said. ‘’Indeed I did’’ The king answered. ’’I have a visitor for you’’, and gestured towards the hooded figure.  “Sylvana Ellemayne, I suppose”, The Prince said. “That's correct” The stranger said, “and you must be Prince Arthuren Knighthelm”.  “You are correct too”, Prince Arthuren said. "But you can call me Arthus" “She will test your swordsmanship tomorrow morning to see how much protection you need and escort you to Doriathe so you can begin your diplomatic mission”, The King said to his son.
    The next morning everybody gathered around the duelling ring. The hooded stranger walked to the ring calmly. Prince Knighthelm arrived shortly afterwards, he had had a bad night. They both walked in the ring, the Prince proudly and the Stranger with strange feline grace. The Stranger drew out her swords. The Prince observed her. She had dark red skin-tight leather armour and a long green cloak. She was about a head taller than prince, who was quite tall for a human. Her body was perfect; slim yet strong looking in an inhuman way. She had long legs, thin waist and thin arms. And her face, oh, her face. Her face was the most beautiful the Prince had ever seen in his life. It was perfectly shaped. She had perfect full lips, high cheekbones and a nice nose. Her beautiful eyes were light green and glowing slightly. Her eyebrows were thin and dark gold. Her hair was also long and its colour was golden it and it shone beautifully in the sunlight. Its length was about to the middle of her back. She also had long pointed ears, she was an elf of the stories Artus had heard when he was a boy. Everybody stared in awe, so beautiful she was. Meanwhile the elf had also observed the Prince. He was quite handsome – for a human. He had blonde hair, medium nose and sturdy chin. He was quite muscular. Most human women would think he was handsome. He was clad in full plate, but he didn’t have a helmet. He also had a blue cloak. “Are you ready?” the Prince asked, eager to show he could manage to defeat an elf. “Yes”, the elf said calmly, certain of her victory. They stared at each other for a long time. Finally Prince Knighthelm charged at the Elf. The Elf dodged easily. Prince tried to hit her with his sword, but Sylvana blocked with hers. For twenty minutes they fought. None of Princes strikes had hit her. She had either dodged or blocked all of them with a smile on her face. The Prince was getting tired, his sword felt heavy, it was hard to lift it of the ground. “Let’s end this!” the Elf said suddenly. She swung one of her blades so fast one couldn’t see it. Prince’s sword flew away. She swung her swords again, bringing the Prince to his knees. “You have much to learn” the elf said looking downwards. “I expected more from the Prince of Angond, but I forgot he is a human”, she said and walked away. The crowd had watched the fight silently, but now shouts began to rise from the crowd, some trying to comfort the Prince, others mocking him. He, the prince of Angond had been defeated. The Prince stayed on his knees, his honour lost.


Chapter 2

She didn’t even try. She didn’t have to. She just dodged. She didn’t even try. Didn’t even try…even try…try…
                             The Prince woke up suddenly gasping for air. He was sweating. His breath was heavy. It was just a bad dream, he realised, just a bad dream. He lay down, tried to fall asleep again.
                             “Wake up my lord”, a warm voice said. “What now?” the Prince asked annoyed to be waken so early. “Your father wants you downstairs. It is time”, the voice said again. “Tell him I’ll be there soon”, the Prince said and sighed.
                             Soon he was downstairs in the throne room. The Elf and his father, the King, waited him. “Have you packed your things, my son?” the King asked. “Yes, I am ready to go”, the Prince answered. I’ll miss you, my son” the King said softy. Arthus looked at the Elf. She had a sarcastic smile on her lips. “Father!” the Prince said angrily. The King sighed. “Go then, my son, and return with allies”. “I will.”
                             “If all human are that slow, it’ll take forever to reach Doriathe”, Sylvana thought when she and the Prince rode down the Citadel-road.  She still remembered their duel earlier this morning, and sighed. It had been too easy. “Excuse me, but how did you block or dodge all of my attacks in the duel, yesterday?” The Prince asked. “Well” Sylvana answered, “I’ve had over a thousand years to practise”.  "A thousand!?” Arthus wondered, “How old are you?” “One thousand fifty four  years” The Elf said back. They continued in silence, for The Prince was pondering on Sylvana’s age and the Elf had nothing to say.
                             It was evening already when they saw the town they were planning to spend their night. The town wasn't very big. In fact, it was only a little bit larger than a village. “Arkas”, Arthus said. He knew that if he looked back, he could still see the lights of Munas Turath. “Come on”, Sylvana said already riding towards that little town called Arkas. They both rode to the town. When they were in, Arthus said that they should find the cheapest inn in town. “I’m not going to sleep with dirty drunkards”, Sylvana said back. “We’ll find the most expensive place in town. Hey, you there!” she shouted to a nearby town guard. He looked back at them. “Come here!” The guard walked to them. “Yes my lady?” the guard said to Sylvana. “How may I help?” “Tell me where I can find the best inn in town” she ordered. “There’s only one inn here. It’s not too expensive, but I think it isn’t a good place for a fine lady like you” the guard said. “Thank you, but I think I can take care of myself just fine, mister guard” Sylvana answered dryly. “Now, mister guard, show me where this inn is”. “ I know whe…” Arthus tried to say. “Follow me” the guard interrupted. Amazed by Sylvana’s beauty, wanting to impress her, the guard started walking towards the inn. After a moment’s walk, they arrived in front of the inn. It seemed untidy outside, but when they walked in, it was just filthy. It was full of drunken men and women were serving them more beer in revealing clothes. There wasn’t a real floor, just some hay and mud. There was so much smoke in the air, that Arthus started coughing. And Sylvana, as an elf, almost choked, for elves have a lot better senses than other races on Alyr.  But then she murmured something and they could breathe again. Sylvana looked disgusted. She walked to the bartender and said: “Give me the best room in this filthy place” “Okay okay, no need for da rage miss. Calm down” the bartender said. “It’s forty gold coins a night” “Pay him” Sylvana said to Arthus and walked into the hallway with all the rooms, her cloak floating behind her. The bartender ordered a waitress to show her where the room was.  “Here are forty gold coins” Arthus said. “Thanks mon” the bartender said. He was Arthus’ old friend. “Quite a girlfriend ya’ve got dere. A tiger, I dare tell ya, a tiger” “She’s an elf” Arthus answered. The bartender looked suprised. “You do know dat de elves be only a fairytale, don't ya?” "This one's real, mate" Arthus said. "Oh shit, mon! I hope she didn't hear me!" the bartender said, now looking terrified.  “Don’t worry old friend. I won’t let her touch you.” Arthus comforted his friend. “But I’d better get going before she gets mad at me. We’re in a hurry you see.” He said and walked away, leaving the terrified bartender alone.
                             The Prince walked along the hallway. It was filthy too. He saw an open door and knocked it. “Come in” Sylvana said. She was cleaning her bed. “How did you do that?”  Arthus asked. “Do what” Sylvana wondered. “That spell when we came in” Arthus answered. “I did nothing" Sylvana said back quickly. “Listen, I know magic when I see it” Arthus said. “But do you understand it?” Sylvana asked mysteriously. “No, I don’t!” Arthus started to get angry at her. Damn witch! Why did she have to be like that? She’s arrogant, she won’t speak straight and she’s being mean purposely.  Artus was about to say something when they heard a knock on the door. Sylvana looked at Artus, her gaze telling him to be quiet. She pulled up her hood, walked to the door and opened it. She was greeted by a middle aged man. He had long face, big beak like nose, and a long black beard with a matching short hair. “Hello!” he greeted. “I’m Jebediah and it has come to my hearing, that there is a powerful sorcerer travelling with prince Knighthelm”, he declared. “Are you that sorcerer?” he said looking at Sylvana, his left eyebrow raised. “Not a sorcerer, no”, Sylvana said. “I’m closer to a druid”. “A druid, eh? Then I do not understand why people called you powerful” Jebediah said arrogantly. Sylvana’s eyes flashed. She stared at Jebediah from the shadows of her hood intensely, as if trying to read his thoughts. “Is that a challenge?” She asked. “Hmm, yes, yes it is.” Jebediah confirmed. “Two hours from sunrise and I shall meet you at the central square.” Sylvana nodded.  “Good bye!” Jebediah said, and with that, he left. Sylvana and Arthus made sure Jebediah was not behind the door before they talked. “What are you going to do now?” Arthus asked. “I’m going to make preparations for our new friend.” Sylvana said. “Do not let anyone disturb me.” She sat on the on the floor cross-legged and closed her eyes.
                             She was early. She had to be early if her plan was to succeed. She had to know her surroundings perfectly. It was cloudy. Sylvana stood at the town centre, studying the buildings around her. Pass byers looked at her curiously, wondering what she was doing. When she had studied every square inch of the town centre she heard footsteps behind her.  “Are you planning to grow some pretty flowers there?” Sylvana turned. She saw Jebediah. “Oh, you”, Sylvana said dryly. ”Are you ready for the challenge?” “A challenge?” Jebediah said. “A challenge? No not a challenge, not at all. But yes I’m ready.” Sylvana nodded. They walked to the opposite edges of the town square and guards cleared all civilians away. Arthus stood in a corner, following their duel. “Women first”, Jebediah said. Sylvana breathed deeply. She concentrated. Suddenly the town centre started changing. Sun was shining. Instead of stone the ground was a field of grass with flowers everywhere. And instead of buildings, there were trees at the edges of the square. Jebediah’s eyes grew wide. He stared at Sylvana with a hint of fear in his eyes. Sylvana smiled. She started walking towards Jebediah, her hips swaying a little bit more than normal. “Hi mister wizard” she said. “H-hi” Jebediah answered. He was confused. “You look so strong, mister wizard” Sylvana said seductively. She placed her hand on Jebediah’s chest. Sylvana seemed smaller than usual, more fragile, her height only to Jebediah’s chest. Jebediah felt a sudden urge to do as this beautiful lady wishes. He tried to resist it. It was just an illusion, a fake image. The urge, however, overpowered his thoughts. “Take of your shirt so I can see your muscles”, Sylvana said sweetly. Jebediah obeyed. To his surprise he saw muscular hands and chest. “Oh you’re so strong!” Sylvana giggled. She moved her hands around his body seductively. She giggled.  But then Sylvana started to fade away. Sun was covered by black clouds and the trees burned away. Suddenly he was standing in the centre of Arkas again. He looked around confused. He saw Sylvana. “You!” he shouted. “What did you do to me, witch?!” “No, ”she said,” Not a witch.  I’m closer to a druid.” She rose her hands, green lighting dancing in them. She shot green lightning from her hands at Jebediah. He quickly cast a shield spell and countered with a fireball. Sylvana groaned.  Jebediah’s fireball hit her but did no damage. She shot a dozen fireballs to Jebediah who dodged them. Jebediah conjured an arcane missile and sent it towards Sylvana. She dodged it. Sylvana breathed deeply. She let out a white shockwave that knocked over people and a statue of the mayor of Arkas. Vines erupted from the ground around Sylvana. They spread to all directions. When they reached Jebediah, they wrapped around him like tentacles. Sylvana landed with grace. She walked to Jebediah, who was wrapped completely in wines, only his head was visible. “This is why they call me powerful”, she said. And only now Jebediah noticed her long, pointy ears. His eyes grew wide. She's an elf? "Elves are just old ladies' stories! They do not exist!" he thought.  Sylvana smiled dryly. “Yes, I am an elf”, she said and walked away.


Chapter 3

“Why exactly did you break that statue? And what is Prince Knighthelm doing with you? Did you kidnap him?”  The mayor of Arkas asked. He was furious. “You don’t know, do you? I’ll hang you, goddamnit!” Arthus tried to say something but Sylvana stopped him “Let me deal with this”. Sylvana rolled her eyes. “Humans”, she thought.  But at loud she said “Calm down mayor, that statue of yours will be paid for”. “You’re an elf”, the mayor said,” Why should I trust you? Elves don't exist.” “Elves don’t lie”, Sylvana answered dangerously. “Well, I know how unreliable an elf’s words can be”, the mayor said, lying. ”Seemingly sweet, but instead of honey they’re dripping with venom!”  Sylvana’s eyes flashed. Too fast to the eye, she gripped the front of the mayor’s shirt and lifted him of the ground. “Don’t mess with me, human”, she said very, very dangerously. She dropped the mayor and put a purse full of coins on the mayor’s table, “For the repairing of the statue”. She walked out of the door of the mayor’s room and told Arthus to follow her. When they were outside, she said “Hurry! And don’t speak to anyone!” They could already hear the clipping of the guards armour.
                             Once they were a good distance from Arkas they slowed the pace of their riding.” Arthus said " I could have ordered them to stop!" Sylvana looked at him with humour in her eyes. " I know" she said. They continued riding. after a short amount of time Arthus got curious“In the stories ,the elves were immortal. Is it true? Are you immortal” “No, I am not” Sylvana said,” We elves can’t get sick and we do not lose our beauty when we get old, but we can die”. “I see”, Arthus said. “Do you have children?” The prince asked carefully. “No” Sylvana answered coldly, ending the little conversation.
                             They had made their camp on the shores of river Ander. There were ancient elven ruins scattered around. The elves once had an empire that stretched over all known lands. But then something terrible had happened and their empire fell into a civil war. Three kingdoms formed after the civil war: The Kingdom of Doriassus, the Kingdom of Avelorn and Kaldorolei.
They were close to the border of Doriassus; the greatest of the elven kingdoms. So close in fact that the magic of the elves could already be seen. Grass was greener.  The little amount of trees that were there were taller and thicker than usually. The water of the river was crystal clear. It was a beautiful place. “Tomorrow we’ll be in Doriassus”, Sylvana said, in a surprisingly talky mood. “We’ll travel to the port-city of Than'ariss. From there we will take a ship to Doriathe.” They were quiet for a moment. Both stared into their campfire. “You look tired, Sylvana”, Arthus said, breaking the silence. “You should sleep.” We Atari elves are nocturnal”, Sylvana answered. They stared at the camp fire in silence again. Soon Arthus fell asleep. The final words he heard were “Soon we’ll be together once more, my love. Soon.”
                             The Prince woke up. At first he didn’t remember where he was, but soon he remembered again. He stood up and walked to the remnants of their campfire. “Where is that damn elf now?” he wondered at loud. “Right behind you”, that damn elf said. Arthus looked over his shoulder. Sylvana was indeed standing there with a grin. “Good morning”, the Prince said dryly. “How come you seem happier than usual?” “Let’s just say that I haven’t met someone in years and soon I’m going to see him again,” Sylvana said. “I see”, Arthus said back, realising she wouldn’t tell him anymore about this subject. “Do you have anything to eat? I’m hungry.” Arthus said after a long silence. Sylvana laughed. It was the most beautiful sound the Prince had ever heard, like a crystal, so clear it was. “What’s so funny?” Arthus asked. “Humans”, Sylvana answered still giggling, “they’re always thinking with their stomach. And there’s food in that backpack over there.” Arthus grunted and gripped the backpack and searched it for food.  He found some bread and cheese. While he was eating, he began wondering how they were so close to the border of Angond and Doriassus. “How come we’re so close to the border when we left only two days ago? “he asked ”It is supposed to take at least a week to get this close”. “Magic”, the elf answered, still giggling a little bit. “If anything still has something to do with magic I’ll have a headache!” the prince complained. “Then you are going to suffer once we step into Doriassus; it’s full of magic,” Sylvana said happily.
                             When the prince had eaten, they began their journey again. It took only four hours for them to reach a line of huge trees. Arthus stared in awe for they were the biggest trees he had ever seen. They loomed over the pair menacingly, as if telling that Arthus was not welcome in those woods. “The Kingdom of Doriassus,” Sylvana said, “my home.”



Chapter 4: At the edge of the Elven land


“We’ll wait here until nightfall” Sylvana said. “Why? ”Arthus asked. “Haven’t I told you we Atari elves are nocturnal?”
“You have mentioned it”
Sylvana nodded. She lay down on the grass and closed her eyes. Arthus looked at her. “Don’t say you’re going to sleep now”, he said. “I am going to sleep now”, Sylvana answered sarcastically, “so be quiet”.  And so she slept.
    It was a beautiful day. Sun was shining. There were no clouds in the sky, and a little breeze was nicely cooling. But the prince was bored. And in his boredom he started walking around. He dared not to enter the forest for it looked very threatening. He wondered what might happen should he enter it without Sylvana. He shivered. He’d probably die horribly. He looked around. There was a nice little river right next to him, some trees scattered around, the elf-forest of course and he could see the Khazad Mountains, where the dwarves dwell, in the distance. He sighed. He had never been there. Arthus could imagine the great stone halls of the dwarves; a huge hall with thick and strong pillars, dwarven statues visible in the shadows. “I want to go there” he thought. He stared at the river, wondering how cold it was. Then he ran into the river. The water was very cold but it felt nice on his skin. He climbed of the river and dried himself. “I should sleep” he thought. So he lay down, closed his eyes and fell asleep.
                             The Moon, the White Lady, Sylvana could sense her.  She could sense the Moonlight on her skin, touching her, embracing her. Sylvana opened her eyes. She felt alive. Sylvana could see a lot better in the darkness. She looked around. Everything was like it was supposed to be. Her weapons next to her bed, Arthus’ back bag at the foot of a tree, Arthus himself sleeping next to it. Their horses were tied to the tree, also. Sylvana herself was quite happy at the moment. She would be home soon. She had been away for over a hundred years. Sure it wasn’t a long time to someone who is over 1,000 years old, but it still feels like a long time. And when she came back to Doriathe, she had been sent to escort this human, a child, to Doriathe for education. “Hmph, ”she thought, her good mood decreasing rapidly. ” How come those “glorious” humans of Angond couldn’t even educate their own prince, but had to plead and beg help from the Dwarves under their mountains and us, the Atari. And why do I have to escort Arthus? After all I’m not an ordinary elf.” Sylvana’s good mood was now gone. She gazed the night sky, shook her head and looked at Arthus. “Anorill, Arthus!”  She said loud enough to wake Arthus. “Where’s burning?!” Arthus shouted. “Chla Nirill” Sylvana said, "and get up. We’re leaving.”
A/N: Elvish, finally! This is atarian elvish (there are three types of elves, will be explained later in know your lore) Anorill= wake up. Chla Nirill= Good night (Nirill= night Morill= morning).


Into the forest

                             Arthus stared at the night forest. Its trees were huge, at least a hundred meters tall, many were even taller. “I’ll eat first,” he said to Sylvana. “Then we can go.” Sylvana crossed her hands anxiously. Arthus took his back bag and searched it for food. He could not see very clearly because his eyes were not used to the darkness of the night. But fortunately he found bread and cheese and decided to eat them. Once he was finished eating Sylvana said: “Finally! Now, come, we don’t have all the night!” “Well you’re in a hurry”, Arthus said back and picked his back bag. Sylvana nodded, released their horses and started walking towards the forest.  “Hey! Why did you do that?!” Arthus demanded to know.  Sylvana turned to face him. “Do you think we are going to need them there?” she said pointing at the forest. “Well…you never know when you need a good horse” Arthus said. Sylvana sighed. “Come on”.  They started walking towards the forest, Sylvana leading and Arthus following close behind.  When they were at the very edge of the forest, Arthus hesitated. “What is in those woods?” he thought.  “What would happen if he would set his foot in it?” Sylvana looked back. “Are you coming?” she asked. Arthus nodded and continued walking. He could see blue wisps flying around here and there. He could also see two pairs of green glowing eyes in the shadows. “Ishni si kair har” Sylvana said suddenly. The eyes blinked and started moving towards Sylvana and Arthus. Arthus stepped back. Then two fair faces appeared around the eyes. Their mouths were smiling and eyes  were glowing humorously. Sylvana had hard time keeping her normal expression. Finally she broke out in laughter. Her laugh was the most beautiful sound Arthus had ever heard; clear like a crystal, pure, silver bells ringing. It was like the dropping of water and the whispers of the wind. It was truly a beautiful laugh. Soon the faces started laughing too. They stepped out of the shadows fully and Arthus saw to elves, one female and the other male. The female was beautiful (though not as beautiful as Sylvana) her hair was silver and her eyes green and glowing like Sylvana’s. She was taller than Arthus, about the same size as Sylvana. Her body was slim yet it looked quite muscular. She was wearing dark green leather armour that served as good camouflage in the forest. She also had a green cape, a quiver of arrows and a bow at her back and a sword hanging from her hips. The male one was taller than the female one and his eyes were light green and glowing. His hair was black. His armour was brown and made of leather. He also had a green cloak and a quiver of arrows and a bow at his back and a sword at his hips. His body was slim and muscular and his face fair.
                             Once the elves had calmed down, Sylvana and Arthus continued their journey, now joined by the other two elves. Even though Arthus was unable to use magic, he could feel the magic in the air he breathed and in the boughs and trunks of the huge trees and on the ground he walked on. This was truly a magical place. No wonder people would tell stories of the elves and their forests. That they would live in the huge forest bordering northern Angond. And to think all those tales of elves and their forests are true! "Sylvana", Arthus said. "Where is... what was it called? Thanariss? Yes, Thanariss. Where is Thanariss?" "A couple of kilometres forward", Sylvana said.



Arthus was tired. He was tired from all the walking amongst the roots and vines and bushes and all other plant life. He wanted to get a bath and some warm food. Whereas Sylvana and the two other elves didn't seem even a little tired of their journey in the forest. "When are we in Than'ariss?" Arthus asked his voice tired. "Are you tired then?" the stranger female elf asked, mocking him. Arthus growled. He was getting annoyed at the elves. They were just annoying. "Look around you Arthus", Sylvana said. "We are closer than you think". And indeed when Arthus looked around he saw trees with windows and door holes and wooden archways. And he also saw elves. Lots of elves. They all looked at him like he was an abomination of some sort, like he was not welcome there.
When they had walked a good distance into the city, different kinds of buildings appeared. These were made of marble. Tall slender towers and silvery domes and slim archways and graceful buildings. Arthus stared in awe for the city was as beautiful as the elves themselves.  "Impressed?" the male elf asked. "Very impressed," Artus answered. "Bah! Thanariss is nothing compared to Doriathe!" Sylvana said. "You should see it's spires in the moonlight!" "Well, we'll see when we're there" Arthus answered. They walked through the city. Arthus was looking around, admiring it's beauty.
After a small walk the Prince of Angond, Sylvana and the other two elves arrived at the port. There were plenty of graceful ships and boats with lateen sails. The biggest ones had up to three masts with lateens in all of them. Bigger ships also had a stern castle. Arthus looked at them and thought : Everything the elves create is beautiful, for the ships were as beautiful as the city and the Elves themselves. "This is our ship "Sylvana said when they had walked to the end of one of the docks. Two guards stood, their ornate silver armor shining in the moonlight and their shields blocking the  entrance to the ship. When Sylvana arrived they saluted. "I'la Izeress!" they said and moved so Sylvana could get in. However they didn't let Artus pass. The guards blocked the path with their ornate shields.  "Let him aboard" Sylvana ordered. The guards  withdrew their shields, but looked suspiciously at Arthus when he walked past them.  When Artus had climbed  the stairs to the ship he looked around and asked "When will we leave?" "Ask the captain" Sylvana answered. Artus looked around to find the captain. He was standing next to the wheel on the aft castle. Artus walked to him and asked the same question he had asked Sylvana a while ago. "In two hours" the Captain answered coldly . Artus sighed. "Why do these elves hate me so much?" he wondered in his mind.


To the sea

 Arthus had sat in his cabin or looked at the city of Than'ariss for two hours when finally the Captain of the Thanagor o Ashini ordered for them to leave the docks of Than'ariss. Artus had asked Sylvana what the name of the ship meant. It meant the King of the Seas.
Arthus looked as the city of Thanariss disappeared into the distance. He wondered why they didn't take the "scenic route". He decided to ask the captain, despite the cold answer he got last time."You Alatori have a lot of questions, I see" the captain answered "There's a maelstrom in the way of the so called "scenic route" "Thanks for the answer, captain, but why do you elves hate me so much?" Arthus demanded to know. "Hrmph, only the gods are above the Atari! You lesser races are a disgrace." Sylvana said having heard their little conversation. "But why? Arthus asked. "I don't understand!" Sylvana looked at him and said: "You don't have to.  Only thing you have to understand that you are not in Angond anymore!"  Arthus sighed and went below decks to his cabin.
"Wake up Arthus!" Sylvana shouted. "Mhmmm, what?" Arthus asked. "Come to the deck" Sylvana answered" and get dressed for Ishtar's sake!" With that she walked through the door to the ladders which in turn led to the deck. Once she was by the wheel, she heard Arthus walk below decks.  As Arthus climbed the stairs to the aft castle, Sylvana told him to look and pointed her finger at the horizon."Look there" she said. "What?" He asked still groggy from his slumber. Sylvana looked at him and said "You'll see soon"


The city of Moonlight, The o elai'ca Ishtar

Sylvana looked at the horizon. She waited. And then after some time she saw it. And it was as beautiful as it had always been. She looked at Arthus. He was still trying to spot it. Then his jaw dropped in awe. He saw it.
Arthus looked at the horizon. He gazed but saw nothing. Except now he saw something . A white light was shining . And then he saw it. A huge city surrounded by ancient forests bathing in the moonlight. Countless of white, tall and slender towers rising from the sea of trees. And in the middle of it all was a huge tree. Bigger than anything Arthus had seen in all of his twenty years of life.  It was the world tree, Alyrsill. The one tree blessed by the gods of life to be the source of all life on Alyr. And to the left of this enormous tree was the source of the white light. The temple of Ishtar, the goddess of the moon and the creator of the elves, with its large glass dome and three marble towers. And to the right of the World tree was the royal palace of Doriathe with its three tall towers and silvery domes.
As Thanagor o Ashini approached the City of Stars, Arthus took a better look at the city. It was not fully made of stone buildings as it had looked from afar. The outer areas of the city were made of wood, or sung to shape as Sylvana told. Slowly they sailed to the docks of Doriathe. The docks themselves were sprawling, long, and made of stone. Many other ships were docked and many more were leaving or coming. The Thanagor docked to the widest of the docks. A small regiment of Atari soldiers was waiting them in formation with their ornate and shiny silver armor. But unlike the soldiers in Thanariss these were equipped with tall spears and shields instead of swords.
Sylvana landed first. When she stepped on the stone the soldiers shouted "I'lla Izeress!", their clear voices echoing throughout the harbor. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and saluted, bowed or shouted "I'lla Izeress". Arthus came close after Sylvana and the guards didn't react at all. When Sylvana and Arthus had reached the end of the soldiers' formation, the soldiers closed their ranks and walked in formation after them. "Well, she must be someone important", Arthus thought.
They had marched for three hours. Once they walked through a gate in a wall. And while they put feet in front of each other Arthus looked around in awe for the city was so beautiful that it hurt his hearth.  He noticed a large wooden building with no windows or doors of any sort. Then he looked at it a bit more. "It's a root!"Arthus realized. "Must be from that huge tree I saw from the ship".
Finally they stopped. Arthus was very tired but he managed to rise his head and look at the building in front of them. It was composed of three huge circular towers that rose from a majestic looking facade. On the roof of the building the towers rose from was a large statue of a royal looking female elf and there were a couple of statues on the sides of the road that led to the palace-like building.
"This is the Royal Palace of Doriathe, human." Sylvana said. "You should show some respect to the persons inside." Arthus answered: "I will"
The guards that had followed them saluted and left them. Sylvana begun walking the road that lead to the palace and Arthus followed her. They both were quiet, even though Arthus wanted to speak. Sylvana's glance had silenced him, you see.
They walked past three statues. All of them male and one missing his head. Arthus was about to ask about that when they arrived at the entrance to the palace. It was a huge wooden gate with many complex decorations. Elven soldiers shouted commands at the ramparts above the gate. And the gate opened slowly. Before they walked in Sylvana said: "Do not speak unless spoken to and look at her eyes while speaking. Is that clear?" Arthus nodded excitedly. And then they walked in.


The Elven Queen   

They arrived to a large circular hall that was so high one could not see its roof. Tall pillars and graceful archways adorned its walls. And in the middle of the hall was a big ornate map of all of Alyr, with Elven inscriptions on its sides. And on the back side of the great hall was a throne that looked like it had been grown from a sapling. It's roots pushed through the marble floor and its trunk was shaped like a throne and its branches were like an armrest.
 And on that magnificent throne sat an even more magnificent figure. Her body lay on the throne in a graceful position that looked unintentional. Her outfit was quite simple but it looked good on her; she did not need any fancy clothes for her beauty was unsurpassed by all but one. Her full lips were curved on a gentle smile and her nose fit perfectly on her. Her eyes shone like to full moons, but they were not round, no, but shaped like almonds. And if one looked at them, one could see almost endless wisdom. Her green eyebrows arched perfectly above her moonlight eyes and long full eyelashes surrounded the miniature moons that were her eyes. Her hair was green and on a long braid that hung far below her waist, and on her head was an ornate silver tiara with flawless emeralds decorating it.

Arthus gasped for air, so magnificent she looked. His jaw dropped. This must be the queen! But then he felt Sylvana hit him and he fell out of his trance and saw Sylvana kneeling. He quickly dropped to his knee. "I'lla Izeress o Atari!" Sylvana greeted. "Ishnu e siuil shala o elai'ca Ishtar un thale arir. Thala ta i'lla ishnu. Thala risar alator ish'e!" she continued. "Thala e ishnu  arir", the queen answered. "Ishnu tae ini'clar" Then she turned her attention to Arthus and said:" I am Queen Azura of Doriassus and on behalf of my people I welcome you to the city of moonlight!" Arthus rose his head so that his gaze would meet hers and said:"I am most thankful to be welcomed to your great city o daughter of moonlight!" Then he thought that daughter of moonlight was very fitting to her because of her eyes.
Queen Azura signaled for her, Sylvana and Arthus to be left alone. Once everyone was gone, she asked:" So, Thangor o Alatori, tell me: why are you here?" Before Arthus could answer Sylvana said:" Do you not already know the reason for this human to be here? Did you not send me, your own daughter who had been away for a hundred years, to escort him?!" she sounded very angry. "So that is why the guards were so humble around her..." prince Arthuren thought. "She is -the- princess. The Queen of all Atari looked upon her daughter, her gaze gentle. "Know that I hated making that decision, and that now I ask for your forgiveness, but also know that it was necessary, for it was the will of the goddess." she said. Sylvana didn't seem entirely convinced but said that the apology was accepted. The queen smiled. She turned her gaze to the human. "Do not repeat the story of your arrival, for I already know it, as my daughter said. Instead I ask you to deliver your father's message." Arthus bowed her head. "His majesty, King Henrik Shinehelm of the Kingdom of Angond, originally Knighthelm, asks only that you come to help us in the war against the dark hordes of Murdiath. Our forces are spent. We are nearly crushed." Arthus looked the Elven queen in the eyes, his own begging. "Please, you must help us. You can have anything you want." The Elven Queen eyed the human. "Tell me, alator, what would I possibly want from humans?" the queen asked.  "I... uh... I do not know, oh daughter of moonlight." The queen smiled gently. "Do not despair, human. The end of Angond has not yet come to pass. I will have to think. Anar'tilith! Please lead our guest to his quarters." A thin male elf dressed in green robes appeared from door in the wall on the right side of the throne. He eyed Arthus like he was a piece of filth. "As you wish my queen" he said and began walking out of the palace. Arthus hurried after him. He glanced back at the queen, she was in deep thought, Sylvana was standing next to the throne.

She watched the human walk away. Despite her words, she had not yet fully forgiven the Queen. Her mother. That made her the princess. Izeress Sylvana. Princess Sylvana. She sighed and looked at her mother."You won't send me away again, will you?" she asked, slightly bitter. The Queen sighed. "Dark times are ahead of us, my daughter. I may have no choice." she said. "How wonderful..." Sylvana answered, clearly sarcastic. "Don't say it will be with the Alatori." "It will most likely be, for their lands are at the centre of this conflict." Sylvana sighed and walked away.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Moon. It shined right through the window on the wall. A white, marble wall covered in all kinds of colorful fabrics. She opened her eyes. Lazily. She was not in a hurry. Not at all. Lazily she sat up and looked around. Suddenly an elven woman appeared. She was beautiful as all elves were, though her beauty could not be compared to Sylvana's. Nevertheless, she hurried to Sylvana, made a quick curtsey and said: Good morning princess! Should I bring you your clothes?" Sylvana smiled at her servant. "That would be nice" Her servant nodded and hurried off. Sylvana stood up and walked to a door. She opened it and walked out, to a small balcony. The view was magnificent. A sea of ancient trees. Tall, glittering white towers that were tall and slender rose from it. To her right, she could see the World Tree, Alyrsil, and the temple of Ishtar, the largest and most awe-inspiring of them all. To her left, the forest was dotted with towers until one could no longer see them, even elves. So large was the city of Doriathe, that it could have been a nation on it's own.

Sylvana stood there, wearing only her nightgown, which was made of thin, white silk. So thin, in-fact, that one could see through it in some places. A light breeze caressed her gently. She closed her eyes and breathed the fresh, untainted night air of Doriathe. Her servant returned, carrying some green clothes. Sylvana walked back in, thanked, took the clothes and started dressing. But first she had to take off her nightgown. She took it off, revealing her flat and fit stomach and nice round breasts that weren't as big as you think they were. Nevertheless they fit perfectly to the rest of her body. Not too big, nor too small. The perfect size. Her creamy skin glistened in the moonlight. Many would have killed to see it. Only few, however, had ever seen it. And even fewer had touched it...

Sylvana took her dress. It had an open, laced back and a bold cut on the right side. The Atari elves had a tendency to wear revealing garments you see. Both male and female elves. Then, she walked to her rather large mirror and admired herself for sometime before grinning childishly and walking to her personal balcony again. A slight breeze caressed her face as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, held it for a while and then let it out. She eyed Doriathe. Everything seemed normal: the defense crystals were floating as usual, ships sailed in and out of the harbor, someone was singing. It was a beautiful, yet maybe a bit childish song about a hawk that wanted to learn to talk. Sylvana's lips curled into a slight smile. She was happy. Maybe it won't last, but at that moment she was happy.


A nightmare of some kind

"Wake up!"

"Wake up, you worthless human"

He opened his eyes.

"The others are there already. Put some clothes on."

It was a male elf, the same that had escorted Arthus to his quarters. His name was Anar-something. Damn elven names. Slowly, he got up and looked around. He was in a small room. There was a graceful small table next to his bed. Suddenly, the male elf threw some clothes on him. "I will wait outside" he said. Arthus grunted. He looked at the clothes. Elven clothes. Arthus sighed as he took off his shirt and pants, revealing his muscular and slightly hairy body. The fabric of the clothes felt wonderful against his fingers as he put on the pants. Then he took the shirt, slid it on and buttoned it. Finally the young human prince buckled his belt and pulled his boots on. He walked to a mirror and examined himself. The shirt was green and his pants brown. He looked quite handsome. For a human that is. Arthus noticed his chin was covered in stubble. He had no time to shave, though. That elf was getting anxious.

 So, he stepped through the door and was greeted by a fresh gust of wind that carried the smell of roses. Two soldiers stood, waiting for him with that bony Anar-whatever his name was. The elf turned around quickly and the soldiers took up position around Arthus. They pulled Arthus with them as they walked towards the Royal Palace. Arthus remembered that a feat was to be kept today, err, tonight.


Once they had arrived at the gate and it was opened, a most unlikely of sights greeted the young human. A dwarf, a naga, two elven figures that were not like those of Doriathe. One had green skin and shorter ears and the other was tanned, had golden hair and ridiculously long ears that pointed backwards. All of them were sitting on delicate chairs. Well, except the bulky dwarf. He was standing next to it. Arthus was guided to his place, next to the dwarf, who nodded at him in a friendly way. As he sat, a voice demanded for silence. Everyone stopped talking, turning their attention at the empty throne. A door opened, soundlessly, next to the throne...


The Chronicles of Alyr (UPDATED 18.11.2014)
This is my first story so son't be to harsh, mkay? I'm gonna update this if I remember lol :P 
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