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At  the beginning, there were the Amar and the Amarissi which mean gods and goddesses. They played music and sang songs by the order of Alyr for he was the mightiest. Ishtar and Harvanaye were the second in terms of might, and they lead the singing. They sang and danced and enjoyed their existence, but soon some of them grew tired of the merriness and began to spread dark and foul thoughts amongst the divines. And so the gods and goddesses listened. Some of them were terrified, but some agreed with those who spread the darkness, and when Alyr heard of this, he felt a great anger swell within him for he did not wish for the Vanya Ilfirin, the song of eternity, to end. But Alyr was merciful, and so he let the agitators to stay, hoping that they would regain their senses. Alas, even the mightiest was not safe from himself.

When the Mhaimeo Ashadon, the Heavenly Host, lead by Ishtar and Harvanaye, attacked the agitators of evil, Alyr lost his mind. He began to sing the Forbidden Song that would create a world. He rose mountains and created seas, levelled plains and struck down with his hands to form valleys. Seven days he created, until the battle was over and the fallen ones banished from the heavens. Only then did Istar come to him, and asked why he was singing the Forbidden Song. But Alyr did not answer. He merely shook his head, which caused Ishtar to become offended. She called Harvanaye to her and together they slew the Mightiest One and looked at his creation. They tried to destroy it, but could not for Alyr’s spirit was hiding within the ground.

As they gazed upon the world, Ishtar and Harvanaye realised what they had done, and felt great grief and regret. They gave the world a name; Alyr. the two Divine beings decided the continue the work of their great leader. When they told about their deed and decision to the other divines, some of them grew enraged and left. They were the Minalithri and they never returned. Those who stayed decided to help Ishtar and Harvanaye help finish the world. They were the Elai’ca Alyr, that is the Light of Life. When they had finished their work, the divines rested. This was known as the Age of Sleeping Gods, Almar Sowa Amari e Amarissi.
Aronsithielna (wip)
Hallo all! :D

This is a lil' story I'm working on, mainly because I have to write an essay in English.  :P

Still a wip, mind you!
Lanthiel Sunshadow (WIP) by vilkeri99
Lanthiel Sunshadow (WIP)
My first proper attempt at digital coloring. Not bad eh? :P


Samuli Anttila

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